Monday, December 30, 2013

Project Completed: 12 Days of Christmas Quilt

The completed quilt.
I took quite a bit of vacation time over November and December this year to enjoy some down time, much of which including quilting. This is a quilt I finished and started in less than three weeks, a kit I'd had around for several years. It felt great to get this quilt kit out of my stash, but more importantly, it felt wonderful to find the right home for it.

This kit wasn't a Christmas gift, it was a thank you gift to my brother-in-law, his wife, and his family, for them to enjoy in cold Michigan over the Christmas season. I mailed it off to them in early December. As with all of my quilts, I wanted to keep this one too once it was done. I love the bright heartwarming jewel tone colors. 

Renting time on my local quilt shop's computerized longarm machine.
I love this cute featured panel, telling the story of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
A swirly holly and ivy pattern covers the entire quilt.
My nephew enjoying the quilt and a good book.

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